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The right

windsurfing equipment can make or brake your day on the water. But how do you know what gear is good for your level of windsurfing and maybe even more important, what to look for in the big pile of equipment available today.

To get a better understanding of the equipment available today we should start at getting a little understanding of what is available. This to get a better overview. How do we do that?

Simple, we start dividing the pile into a few little piles by dividing them into categories. A few logical windsurfing gear categories would be:

Windsurfing Boards

Windsurfing boardsare maybe the most well know pieces of windsurfing equipment and unfortunately also one of the most expensive ones, so you better look twice before you pick a random board just by the cool colors on it.

Windsurfing boards on their turn are sub dividable into more specific board categories so no need to study them all.

Windsurfing Sails

I assume I tell you nothing new when I tell you that for moving forward on a windsurfing board you need to fill a sail with wind, right?! So next to a board, windsurfing sailsare the most important pieces of windsurfing equipment you should consider buying.

Sails can be subdivided like the boards as well, you only need to know what type you want and in what size, you see, windsurfing doesn't have to be that hard if you don't make it so.

Windsurfing Masts

To get a hold to your sail in the first place you need to rig it on to a mast. The days that windsurfing mastswere made out of one piece of epoxy are long gone. We have carbon masts now which make our lives way simpler as it used to be in the stone age of windsurfing when we had to deal with the heavy epoxy ones.

Masts are a chapter on their own, as Björn Dunkerbeck used to say on a Neil Pryde windsurfing video: A good sail rigged bad, is like a bad sail rigged good, and believe it or not a big part of rigging comes to shoving the right mast into the mastsleeve of your sail.

One of the biggest discussions when choosing a windsurfing mast is the one about rdm versus sdm masts. This is about normal versus slimmer masts.

No idea what I'm talking about? No problem, you get everything perfectly explained on the pages about windsurfing masts.

Windsurfing Booms

The last big part of windsurfing equipment is the boom. It's this boom that you can hold on to. And with holding this boom you can control the movement of the board and sail as well as the power in the sail.

Not all windsurfing boomsare the same. They are available in different materials, different lengths and even the thickness of the boomarms are different for booms for different windsurfing disciplines.

Windsurfing Fins

The last major piece of windsurfing equipment is the fin. Although you (normally) don't see it when windsurfing it still is a major factor of how fast you windsurf or how well you can maneuver your kit around.

Depending on the discipline you can have one up to four fins under your board in different lengths, materials and connection systems. The right fin makes controlling your gear much easier.

Windsurfing Parts

We have an idea of the most important pieces of windsurfing gear by now, but the biggest amount of windsurfing gear can be summed up under windsurfing parts or referred to as windsurfing accessories as well.

When talking about windsurfing parts think of everything we haven't discussed until now. Items like:

  • Wetsuits
  • Neoprene items like booties, gloves and caps
  • Mast foots and extensions
  • Harnesses and harness lines
  • Life Jackets
  • Boardbags and all other kind of bags

I could make this list much longer, but I choose to give you a table of related articles at the bottom of this page which grows longer and longer over time to make sure nothing is overlooked.

Of course if this takes to long you could ask me your question by filling out the form on the contact page.

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