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Free Windsurfing Instructions, Tips and Equipment Reviews 

So, you want to learn how to windsurf (better)?

Congretulations! You found yourself the best resource online for anything a windsurfer could wish for.

How To Windsurf

Are you looking for information on how to windsurf, we've got the best tips and tutorials for beginners!

This section will teacht you anything you need to know to learn the basics and provide you with all the knowledge needed to enjoy our great sport and go out windsurfing on your own in a safe way.

Windsurfing Gear

Are you looking for indepth, yet unbiased Information on equipment to help you find the best windsurfing equipment for your needs?

Our articles on boards, sails, booms, masts and accessoires like wetsuits, shoes or harnesses will provide you with all the info you need to decide on what equipment best to buy.

Instructions For Advanced Windsurfers

When you've masterd the basics and are looking for some Instructions for advanced riders than this is the section for you!

You might be looking for articles about how to avoid a catapult, get in the footstraps or articles on rigging your sails and tuning your board for different conditions.

These subjects and many more will be covered there.

Tips For Windsurfers Like You

Than I have a Tips and Tricks section as well where you'll find good reads to help you finally master those tricks you're trying or explain you some tips that make extreme windsurfing a little easier.

Holiday Destinations For Boardsailing Addicts

Maybe you're looking for in depth info on popular windsurfing holiday destinations? I've got an ever extending list of destinations where every windsurfer would like to go sometime.

Are you looking for specific information for a trip to one of the following destinations, be sure to check them out now.

There will be much more to discover for you here on windsurfing-guide and if you might miss something, please let me know!

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