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28 January 2015:


I’m sorry; today I found out that the contact form submissions were not stored in my email inbox. I’ve fixed that now. I’m doing my best to answer all the questions asked as soon as possible...the oldest are from 2010 :(

Hello, fellow (soon to be)windsurfer.

Before you dive into all the free information available here could you help me out a little?

I would highly appreciate it iff you could fill out the contactform and let me know what it is that's missing. In other words what windsurfing related subject would you love to read more about?

Are you interested in reviews, instructions( like how to waterstart or any other technical issues you're struggling with), or maybe you would like to have more articles about holiday destinations where you can windsurf?

Hope to hear from you,


Henk, your windsurfing guide.

Are you looking for free tips, advice and articles on windsurfing equipment, instructions and holidays? With windsurfing-guide.com at your fingertips you’ve found yourself a handy-all-info-in-one-place source about these subjects and more, much more.

Picture yourself a windy day. You’re arriving at the beach and while looking out over the water for the first time, the glistering of the sun blinds your eyes a little.

After your eyes adapted to the sunlight and you noticed the wind blowing gently in your face you get a smile on your face as you see people flying over the water while holding on to their sails.

All you can think of right now is how big a sail you should rig, you start rigging and get yourself prepared to get onto the water as fast as you can.

You jump onto your board, get in the footstraps and feel the wind fill your sail. You keep surfing till your hands can’t grip the boom anymore.

Tired and with a tan on your face you go ashore and start talking to some other windaddicts you’ve just met. After a while you start derigging, and make your way home after yet another perfect day of doing what you love most.

Wanna experience this as well? Learn about the basics by following the instructions and tips provided on this website. You’ll find information for more advanced riders as well.

Do you have questions about what equipment to use or need some advice on what board or sail to buy? Find all the info you need and more in the equipment section.

Maybe you’re looking for advice on what books or videos to choose next? We’ll have that covered as well.

Through the years I have collected a few books and seen most of the videos available. If you want an unbiased review about these books and videos you came to the right place.

One day, and that day will come, you start looking for information on windsurfing vacations.

More and more people like to escape winter or find a reliable windy destination to combine their holiday with their passion.

We’ve got an ever expanding bunch of articles about the most popular destinations with all the information you need to have a great holiday.

Windsurfing is a state of mind, a lifetime journey, a rollercoaster of emotions. The more you do it, the better you get at it and the more you want to be on the water again.

What’s keeping you of the water? Surf through my website, gather the information you need and get out on the water.

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